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Care of every skin type

      Everyone is beautiful the way they are. whether they are black or white, here we only explain that how to take care of our skin.

Dry and oily skin care routine

       Because itchy skin, Acne, Roughness are all one type of diseases, therefore care should be taken to prevent these diseases.

        Everyone's skin type is different. someone's skin is oily or someone skin is dry and sometimes it's changes according to season.

Skin care tip

•  Dry skin

  -   Dry skin is Scaly, Rough or Flaky. 

   -  Wash your face with gentle cleanser that doesn't have alcohol or fragrances because those ingredients make your skin dry. Gently wash your skin.

    -  If possible don't use too much hot water For washing because hot water remove natural oil from Face faster don't wash your face and Bath too much.

     -  Moisturize your skin properly , either use self oil massage daily before bath that helps moisturizing your skin. for moisturizing you can use Petroleum jelly or Honey.

    -  Don’t wear make up to bed wash or remove makeup before sleeping. 

    -    Drink water properly because it’s hydrate our body and our skin remain healthy and lustrous.

    -   Apply Aloe Vera gel to your skin or drink Aloe Vera juice. Don’t drink homemade Aloe Vera juice it may harmful because it’s contain some fatal toxins. 

    -     Take proper diet which has Unctuous( Snigdha),  Hot (Usna),  Liquid (Drava) in properties. 

      -  Dark  leafy greens, Avocado, pomegranate,  cucumber, Fish, Olive oil,  Banana,  Flax seeds,  Nuts this all food are helpful for dry skin. 

   -     Avoid use of face pack for dry skin. 

   -   Avoid consuming alcohol as it causes dehydration. 

     -     Get better sleep. if you have itching or other symptoms that bothers you then visit a Doctor. 

Oily skin 

   -   Oily skin is the result of the overproduction of sebum from sebaceous glands. These glands are located under the skin’s surface.

    -   Oily skin is Shiny,  Greasy.

    -    Wash your skin properly with plenty of water use an oil free foaming cleanser to wash your face 

    -     Remove your makeup before sleeping and after that wash your face properly. 

     -    Apply honey or cosmetic clays e. g. Multani mitti that helps to absorb skin oil and treat many skin conditions. 

     -     Exfoliate once in a week or fortnight your dead skin by applying oats after making it’s paste. 

     -    Aloe vera gel and tomatoes paste or orange peel helps to remove excess skin oils and unclog pores. 

     -     Do not take too much oily, Spicy, and fatty foods. 


Acne Cure Tips

     -    Skin care is the most important step in treating Acne. 

       -   For mild acne use Home remedies for immediate, inflamed and individual Pimples or Acne you can use acne patches or stickers. 

- Home remedies for acne. 

    -   In morning and evening before sleeping wash your face properly. 

     -  Use cosmetic products wisely that do not harm your skin. 

      -   Take a healthy diet do not consume more oily,  Spicy, Salty, Fatty, Junk food. 

       -   Apply Aloe vera gel at night before sleeping.

       -   Apply cosmetic clays after mixing it with Rose water. 

       -   If you are using make up then remove it properly before going to bed.

       -   Take cold (Shita),  Laghu (Light)  properties food. 

         -  If you have constipation then drink water Properly or more in quantity, take green leafy vegetables in daily routine.

          -  If the Acne is getting worse and bothers you the visit the doctor.


    -   Eat a more portions of fruit and vegetables every day e. g.  Sweet potatoes, Pumpkin, Spinach,  Papaya,  Carrots, Cucumber. 

    -   Eat enough citrus fruits which contains vitamin C e.g.  Blue Berries, Broccoli,  Guava, Kiwi, Oranges, Papaya,  Strawberries, Tomatoes, Grapes. 

      -   Consume Almonds, Avocado,  Hazelnuts, Sunflower and corn oils with have enough Vitamin E.

        -   Drink 6-8 glasses water daily to stay wall hydrated.

         -   Eat plenty of Zinc rich food e. g. Lean Red meat,  Whole grains, Poultry, Nuts,  Seeds and shellfish. 


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