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Ayurveda Myths and facts

 ✅     Ayurveda is traditional system of medicine, initially this knowledge comes to us around 5000 yrs ago from lord Brahma to Ashvini kumars to Daksha prajapati to Indra to Bhardwaj Rushi and then student  (Shishya)  of Bhardwaj Rushi wrote Agnivesha tantra and acharya Carak edited this book.  

Ayurveda introduction

   ✅     Nowadays this book known as carak samhita this is well known book of Ayurveda and gives information about treatment and many others.

 ✅     This system of medicine useful to treat disease according  to your  constitution and type of disease. Ayurveda cures many disease either they are chronic or acute.

There are specialities in Ayurveda.

1) Kayachikitsa ( General medicine) 

2) Prasutitantra ( Gynecology and Obstat

3) Kaumarbhritya ( Pediatric) 

4) Shalya tantra ( Surgery) 

5) Agad tantra ( Toxicology) 

6) Shalakya ( ENT and Opthalmology) 

7) Bhut vidhya ( Psychiatry )

8) Rasayan ( Geriatrics )

  ✅     Ayurveda gives many benefits and it has many followers , but some misunderstanding prevailing about Ayurveda.

   ✅   So, here we discuss some common myths and facts about Ayurveda. 

Ayurveda facts and myths

✅    Myth 1.  Ayurvedic practice is illegal and medicines have lack clinical testing. 

   This is the main reason  reason that people don't believe in Ayurveda treatment.

Fact :  Ayurveda  treatment is based on three doshas, Sapta dhatu and three mala for our health and illness. 

  Central council of reserches in Ayurvedic science ( CCRAS) published the protocol for research in Ayurvedic medicine and also quality control and standard of medicine is comes under drugs and cosmetic rules 1945.

     Like Allopathy doctors, Ayurvedic doctors also trained by recognized institutions and does practice with a license. 

✅   Myth 2. Ayurvedic treatment has no side effects and you can use this at home. 

Fact :  This is not true ayurvedic treatment is given according to your constitution   (Prakriti)  and type of disease.

      Some ayurvedic medicine contains minerals and metals and toxins, so if this medicine not given in prescribed dose it might be harmful.

   So,  if someone take medicine which is opposite to their constitution or disease it might be harmful Don't administer self medication.

 ✅ Myth 3. Ayurvedic medicine only contains herbs or it is a herbal cure.

 Fact : No,  this is wrong medicine also includes metals and minerals in purest form. 

     Ayurveda also explains about healthy diet and lifestyle, some therapies ( Panchkarma) and many others.

   So, take proper treatment from registered ayurvedic practitioners.

 ✅  Myth 4.  Ayurvedic treatment you have to follow many dietary restrictions and only vegetarians can take ayurvedic treatment. 

Fact: Ayurveda describes that if you follow  proper diet and lifestyle you don't need any treatment. You didn't fall ill. 

     Even Allopathic doctors also advised don't take much sugar if you have Diabetes, Don't take fatty and greesy food if you have high cholesterol and do exercise. Then why you believe that Ayurveda treatment is all about Restriction. 

     Ayurvedic treatment also uses garlic, onion in treatment of high cholesterol etc. 

    It also uses Meat in emaciation and to increase protein level, so it's  not limited to only vegetarians.

✅  Myth 5 . Ayurveda treatment is all about massage and spa therapy. 

Fact: In spa uses herbal oil and massage for relaxation purpose.

  But In Ayurveda  oil massage  is used for treatment  purpose. It has different purpose and effects in our body. 



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