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Daily Regimen ( Dincharya)


        “Success is the sum of small efforts repeted Day-In and Day-Out.”


Sunrise and sunset

  ★   According to the science of life, the average span of life for human beings is one hundred  years, which may decrease if you don’t follow the good conduct.

   ★  Ancient medicinal form suggests that in order to achieve four objectives of  life Dharma (Virtuous duty), Arth (wealth), Kama (Enjoyment) and Moksha (Salvation) we must have good health, To serve the purpose the ayurvedic classics give us description of Daily routine or regimen (Dincharya) to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

   ★  Nowadays our daily routine is not synchronized with biological clock, but following Daily Routine (Dincharya) one will be able to follow healthy lifestyle there by maintaining health.

🌞Waking Up

Waking Up

    ★ Every person should get up during brahma muhurt means around 4:30 Am to 5:00 Am before sunrise.

    ★ Waking up before the sunrise as the sattvic qualities in nature are most dominant at this time and can bring peace of mind and freshness of senses.

🌞Elimination(Shaucha kriya)

   ★ One of the first thing to do after waking up is to empty your colon and bladder. If you wait to eliminate the waste from your body , it’s harmful for your health.

  ★  Defecation at proper time improves digestion power.

🌞Cleaning of tongue teeth and face

Teeth cleaning

  ★  Ayurveda recommends using Pungent(Katu), Astringent(kashaya), And Bitter(Tikta) tooth paste to brush your teeth or powder made from herbs like Khadir , Babool, Karanj , Arka , Neem and others. 

 ★  Tongue should be cleaned properly with tongue scraper.

 ★  Wash your face with cold water and massage your eyelids gently.

 ★  Do Gargling with warm water , Milk , herbal oil or gives strength to Teeth ,Gums and Jaws

  🌞 Oil Massage (Abhayanga)

Oil massage

  ★  It should be done daily like self massage , the morning oil massage rejuvenates the skin and nurtures your mind and soul .oil massage done specially on Head,Ear and Feet.

  ★  It delays ageing ,Relieves tiredness, Excess dryness. It improves circulation, nourishes body tissues and induces good sleep.  

🌞Exercise (Vyayam)


  ★  Exercise brings lightness, improves work capacity, increase digestion power and burns fat.

  ★  Physical exercise can be Yoga, Walk, Swim or whatever that provides exercise to your muscle.

  ★  Simple exercise also gives you needed energy and activeness for the day.

🌞 Powder Massage (Udvartan)

  ★ It helps to burn fat, bring stability in body organs, improves strength and skin complexion.

🌞Bathing (Snan)

  ★ Warm water bath are usually suggested but you can use cold water as well. Bathing improves digestion power, Span of life, Increases enthusiasm, strength.

  ★ One should avoid bathing after eating food, because it decreases your digestion power.

  ★  After bathing person should wear clean and comfortable clothes. It makes up the personality and makes the person happy.

🌞Meditation (Dhyan)


  ★  It is a key for healthy mind and body, it releases stress, increases the concentration power and builds the energy needed for the rest of day.

🌞Diet Regimen (Ahar)

 ★  Person should take balanced diet which is good for health.

 ★  Breakfast should be light and taken in between 7:00-8:00 Am, not skip your breakfast because it is the first meal of your day.

 ★  Lunch is the full meal of the day taken in between 12:00 – 1:00 Pm so it nutritious food.

 ★  Over eating, Irregular eating habits and eating again before complete digestion of the previous food should be avoided.

🌞Night Regimen (Ratricharya)

 ★  Take light and easily digestible favorable food in the night between 7:00-8:00 Pm.

 ★  Don’t take full meal at night, after dinner take a walk for short time say 10-15 minute.

 🌞 Sleep (Nidra)


  ★  Massage the soles of feet with oil before going to bed to induce a good sleep. Sleep on comfortable bed and listening to soothing music. It is the time to relax.

  ★ Bed time for sleep is around 10:00 Pm. It rejuvenates the brain, makes you feel happy, nourishes the tissue of body and pacify the tiredness. 


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