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"Obesity" What causes obesity ? Loose weight by changing your diet and lifestyle

   The hard days are what make you stronger -Anonymous 

Weight loss

       In Ayurveda Obesity (Sthaulya) is described as excessive accumulation of Meda(Fat/Adipose tissue) and Mamsa (Flesh/Muscle Tissues) leads to flabbiness of Hips, Abdomen and Breast.

      It is considered as one of Santarpan-otthvikaras (Disease occurs due to consumption of excessive calories) in Ayurveda and Medo dushti (Disorder of Fat metabolism). 

    Obesity are defined as a normal or excessive fat accumulation that presents a risk to health. A Body Mass Index (BMI =kg/m2 ) over 25 is considered over weight and over 30 is Obese. 

    Obesity is the most common nutritional disorder of the modern era.  It is estimated that more than 300 million adults are obese and many are over weight. 

     Obesity in turn causes a number of metabolic disturbances such as Hypertension , Diabetes,  Irregular digestion, Ischemic Heart disease etc. 

🍏  Cause 

Causes of overweight

- Eating food before the digestion of earlier taken food (Adhyasana) 

- Increased intake of energy dense food that are high in Fat, Carbohydrates (Guru Ahara) 

- Lack of physical exercise, due to sedentary lifestyle (Avyayam) 

- Day time sleeping (Diva svapana) 

- Genetics, Endocrine disorders  or psychiatric illness and other disorder. 

🍏  Symptoms 

- Bad odor and excessive sweating (Atisweda) 

- Premature Ageing

- Uncontrollable Hunger,  Thirst,  Tiredness (Ati Kshudha,  Trishna, Shrama) 

- Reduction of longevity 

- Loss of vitality 

- Irritability  and mental confusion 

- Excessive sleep

🍏 How to get rid of Obesity? Do's and Don'ts

  👉   Do’s (Pathya) 

    1 Diet :-

-    Bitter gourd (Karela), Drum stick ( Shigru) ,Barley (Yava),  Green gram (Moong)  , Honey (Madhu),  Indian gooseberry (Amla),  Pomegranate (Dadima) ,Oat meal, green vegetables and others, are advised for eating. 

- Use warm water for drinking. 

- Take frequent and less quantity of food  when u fell hungry but avoid taking too much quantity of food at a time .

- Eat steamed or Boiled and backed vegetables rather than fried. 

  2. Life style :-

   -       Do mild to moderate exercise according to individual capacity. 

   -       Regular habit of Brisk morning walk for 30mins. 

   -        Following a regular routine for Waking Up, going to sleep,  having food and regimented physical activity like e. g. Vajrasana,  Dhanurasana,  Bhujangasana,  Shalabhasana,  Ardhmatsyendrasana,  Trikonasana,  Surya Namskar and others. 

    -         Take a deep and sound sleep of 6-8 hours that helps to refresh the body and allows for effective metabolism. 

👉   Don’ts (Apathya) 

- Avoid too much fried, oily and fatty food including milk products and dairy products such as Paneer, cheese,  Butter and others. 

- Avoid causative factors which described earlier and if it is secondary to any disease than treat the disease. 

- Avoid sedentary habits, excessive sleep. 

- Avoid watching TV while having food. 

🍏 Line of Treatment :-

  👉 Palliative measures (Shamana Chikitsa) 

- Fasting (Langhana) 

- Oral use of digestive to augment the fat metabolism (Aampachan) 

- Dry medicated powder massage (Ruksha Udvartana) 

 *  Single drugs :-

   Guduchi  (Tinospora cordifolia) 

   Vidanga   ( False Black papper) 

   Musta ( Nut grass) 

   Sunthi ( Dry ginger) 

   Amla ( Indian gooseberry) 

   Vacha ( Calamus root) 

   Daruharidra ( Indian barberry) 

   Guggulu ( Indian bdellium tree)  and many others.

 *  Compound formulations:-


     Triphala Guggulu

      Medohra guggulu

      Vidangadi churna


      Navayasa lauha

      Aarogya vardhini vati ,etc. 

👉 Purificatory measures:-

      Vamana (Therapeutic Emesis) 

      Virechana (Therapeutic Purgation) 

      Lekhana Basti( Medicated Enema) these all are advised for the treatment of sthaulya. 

   Note:- Medication take under the supervision of Physician. 



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