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Healthy Diet and lifestyle tips for Monsoon season

   ☔   Monsoon ( Varsha Ritu ) is first season of Visarga kala. ( Dakshinayana - Southern solastice ). Monsoon is comprises of two months Mid July to Mid September.

Monsoon Diet and Life style
   ☔    Sweet, sour, salt taste are prominent during the rainy season.

   ☔     In this season sun starts releasing the strength of people because the moon is more powerful and the sun loses his strength,the earth becomes cooled by the rays of moonlight and by the effects of Rain and cold wind.

   ☔    But during the monsoon season, due to the pre-effects of summer, the body and digestive fire remain weak. The digestive fire is greatly reduced because  as steam escapes from the ground and rains fall , as well as acidification of the water occurs.

    ☔    As a result, all the three doshas ( Vata ,Pitta, Kapha ) vitiated and diarrhoea, vomiting, fever, cold, stomach ailments (diseases of the digestive system) occurs.

     ☔ To prevent the above mentioned diseases and to protect the digestive fire proper diet and lifestyle should be adopted which are as follows.


Diet :-

 🌂   In this season vitiation of vatta dosha  is occurs so, Sweet ( Madhur ),  Sour ( Amla ) , Salty ( Lavana) , Hot (Usna) , Mild ( Laghu ) and Unctuous ( Snigdha ) food should be eat. 

  🌂  Old grains like wheat, Barley, Millet, Rice, Sesame and Mug are plentiful. Because this is light to digest.

   🌂  Drink Mug and pomegranate  yush , Mastu (water taken from curd) , Wine etc.
    🌂  Meals and water containing Honey should be taken. Honey removes the metal cladding ( Dhattu Kleda ) that occurs during the monsoon in our body. ( Not  cook and heat the honey because it become poisonous after heating. Use raw honey and use it in little quantity. )

   🌂  Rain water is best for drinking. Water from Rivers, lakes and Wells should be boiled and drunk.  Rain water and boiled water is easy to digest.

    🌂  Use more Asafoetida, Garlic, Ginger, Salt (Sindhav) and Turmeric in food. Because this all substance is hot in nature and use full for digestion as well as to subside  the vitiated Vata dosha.

Life style :-

 🌂   Do Aromatherapy, Extraction, Bathing and perfumery should be applied.

 🌂   Light and clean clothing should be worn. Because in this season heat is more.

  🌂   Use a vehicle to get out Do not go barefoot.

  🌂   Stay in a place where there is no rain and no more cold and humidity. In humid atmosphere one can affect with Cold , Cough ,Fever and many other infections.


Diet :-

 🌂    During this season Vata dosha vitiation occurs so one should avoid Heavy ( Guru ) , Bitter ( Tikta ),  Astringent  ( Kashaya ) and Cold (  Shita )properties food. 

  🌂  Avoid  Newly harvested grains. Because it is heavy to digest.

  🌂   Abandon cucumber, Turiya , Bhindo , potato and Radish. This all are heavy to digest and Vata dosha vitiation occur easily.

 🌂 Take less Blueberry , Ice, Banana, Milk.

  🌂  Avoid Water from rivers, lakes and wells is  turbid during rainy season so, if you want to take it, boil it and drink it.

Lifestyle :-
  🌂  Living in a place free from cold, steam, rain, flies, wind, mosquitoes and rodents. 

   🌂  One should abstain from exercise, sunbathing and Intercourse due to weak digestive fire .
    🌂  One should avoid day sleep. Due to day sleep digestion become weak.


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