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Healthy Diet and lifestyle tips for Monsoon season

    ☔     Monsoon ( Varsha Ritu ) is first season of Visarga kala. ( Dakshinayana - Southern solastice ). Monsoon is comprises of two months Mid July to Mid September.       ☔     Sweet, sour, salt  taste are prominent during the rainy season.     ☔      In this season sun starts releasing the strength of people because the moon is more powerful and the sun loses his strength,the earth becomes cooled by the rays of moonlight and by the effects of Rain and cold wind.    ☔     But during the monsoon season, due to the pre-effects of summer, the body and digestive fire remain weak . The digestive fire is greatly reduced because  as steam escapes from the ground and rains fall , as well as acidification of the water occurs.     ☔     As a result, all the three doshas ( Vata ,Pitta, Kapha ) vitiated and diarrhoea, vomiting, fever, cold, stomach ailments ( diseases of the digestive system) occurs.      ☔  To prevent the above mentioned diseases and to protect the digestive fire proper
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" Osteoarthritis " know the possible causative factors and how to get rid from joint pain by some home remedies and lifestyle changes

     Osteoarthritis is the most common form of chronic disorder of synovial joints. It is characterized by progressive degenerative changes in the articular cartilages over the years,  particularly in weight bearing joints.      In Ayurveda it is known as Sandhivata characterized by pain,  Swelling and restriction of joint movements.     Osteoarthritis is most commonest rheumatologic problem and more common in women than men.      It is often caused by wear and tear to the joints over time. It can occur in any joint but most commonly affects Hips, Hands and Spine.  🔳    Risk Factors and causes :- -  Eating Rough( Ruksha) , Unctuous ( Asnigdh), Light( Laghu) properties diet regularly. - Age ( Most common as the age advances especially after the age of 50.) - Obesity ( the changes of osteoarthritis increases in obese person because extra weight puts more stress on joints.)  -  Genetics ( People having family history are more likely to develop Osteoarthritis.)  - Due to occupation like

Surya Namskara ( Sun Salutation ) steps and it's Benefits

              The Surya namskara name is mainly derived from sankrit language here ‘ Surya’ means ‘Sun’ and ‘Namskara' means ‘Salute' or ‘Greeting’ . Surya namskara is also known as Sun salutation.     Sun salutation is a set of asanas in which all the asanas come together in one round. It is called Surya Namaskar. It is not wrong to say Surya Namaskar is the king of Asanas.          If sun salutation is done by relaxed mind  and with full concentration , it gives peace to the mind and cures many diseases. The most ancient texts are described about sun salutation   is Rigveda and Yajurveda .         Each steps of the Surya namskara is one of the asanas and it is associated with a Mantra . 🌅   Steps and Mantra of Sun Salutation (Surya Namskara )                                  Steps (Asanas)   Mantra   1.Pranamasana ( Prayer pose ) Aum Mitraya Namah 2.   Urdhava Hastasana (Raised arm pose) Aum R

"Covid -19 Vaccine" basic information about different types of covid vaccine and prevention of possible side effects after vaccination.....

 👉  Vaccine are a new way to battle against Covid-19.  👉  Across the world so many scientists working on it. So many vaccine proving successful. So, in this pandemic vaccines and treatment are saving our lives. 👉  Vaccines and treatments are helpful and very much effective to combat Covid -19 but to win against covid -19 we have to protect ourselves by wearing mask, sociql distancing and avoiding crowds.  👉  Vaccine saves our lives by preparing the body's natural defences ( the immune system)  by recognize virus and bacteria they target.  So, after vaccination if our body exposed to some germs our defense system is ready to destroy them and prevent disease.    👉 We are vaccinated it doesn't means we are out of risk. So we have to be careful that we didn't put ourselves and others at risk.   👉 So, here we explain about some covid -19 vaccine.  💉   Vaxzevria ( Astrazeneca)     Vaxzevria vaccine is authorized in the EU to prevent covid - 19.    This vaccine is helpful

Summer hacks : Remedies to maintaining health in summer season

    Friends summer is here. During  this season sun and wind  become more powerful. So, hot sun takes away cooling qualities of the earth.     In Ayurveda it is known as Grishma ritu comprises of two months Jyestha and Ashadh means Mid May to Mid July. During this season Agni mahabhut   ( Fire element) , Pitta dosha  aggraviates and Pungent ( Katu), Bitter ( Tikta)  and Astringent ( Kashaya)  taste become dominant.    So, it's time for preparing our self for this hot season to remain healthy and disease free.     Fever, Jaundice, Dehydration, stomach upset ( Vomiting, Diarrhoea)  heat stroke Etc.  Common disease occurs during this season due to loss of fluid and more heat.     Less fluid intake causes constipation and Irritable bowel Syndrome  ( IBS) also aggravates during this season.    Follow proper diet and lifestyle this is the Right way for your fitness. Here are some summer tips for you.    💥  Do's ( Pathya)    🍹 Diet :- -  Due to hotness of summer our body need

Ayurveda Myths and facts

 ✅      Ayurveda is traditional system of medicine, initially this knowledge comes to us around 5000 yrs ago from lord Brahma to Ashvini kumars to Daksha prajapati to Indra to Bhardwaj Rushi and then student  (Shishya)  of Bhardwaj Rushi wrote Agnivesha tantra and acharya Carak edited this book.      ✅     Nowadays this book known as carak samhita this is well known book of Ayurveda and gives information about treatment and many others.  ✅     This system of medicine useful to treat disease according  to your  constitution and type of disease. Ayurveda cures many disease either they are chronic or acute. There are specialities in Ayurveda. 1) Kayachikitsa ( General medicine)  2) Prasutitantra ( Gynecology and Obstat 3) Kaumarbhritya ( Pediatric)  4) Shalya tantra ( Surgery)  5) Agad tantra ( Toxicology)  6) Shalakya ( ENT and Opthalmology)  7) Bhut vidhya ( Psychiatry ) 8) Rasayan ( Geriatrics )   ✅     Ayurveda gives many benefits and it has many followers , but some misunderstandin


   " Nutrition is the only remedy that can bring full recovery and can be used with any treatment. Remember food is our best medicine." - Anonymous          Emaciation ( Karshya)  means person having lean and thin body character. It is an disease caused due to malnutrition (Aptarpanjanya vyadhi).         Emaciation is defined as extreme weight loss and unnatural thinness due to a loss of subcutaneous fat ( The fatty or adipose tissue beneath the skin) and muscle throughout the body.         A body mass index (BMI=Kg/m2) below 18.5 is considered under weight or emaciation.         If the emaciated person is not treated properly then it causes spleen enlargement, Wasting, dyspnoea, Piles , gastrointestinal disorders etc.           Karshya is emaciation of Sphika (buttocks), Udar (belly / abdominal fats), Griva (Neck). The arteries and veins of all the body looks prominent.          Emaciation is a symptom and as well as disease also.          Emaciation (Karshya)  is conside