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       We care about our health but sometimes we forgot about Dental or oral hygiene. That is also a part of healthy body.

      Dental hygiene means to keep clean Mouth ,teeth and gums to prevent diseases.

Dental hygiene | 10 ways to maintain good dental hygiene and oral hygiene | way2health

      If someone have nice teeth than also you have to take right steps everyday to take  care of your teeth and mouth.

       Because if we not take proper care of our teeth then Cavities, Gum disease, toothache, Sour tooth ( Sensitivity of teeth ) and many other diseases occurs.

        In some research found that many bacteria produce in our mouth in gum disease. Which may leads to Heart disease , Low birth weight of baby , Premature delivery in pregnant women, Diabetes , Stomatitis , Digestion power becomes weak , oral cancer etc. So, we have to focus on the dental or oral hygiene to prevent this type of diseases.

       You can also prevent tooth decay , yellowing of tooth , loss of teeth , bad odour from mouth, tooth damage etc. By the proper  care of tooth and mouth. That is also helpful to increase our confidence.

🦷 Ancient way of Dental hygiene

       In Ayurveda Dental hygiene is included in daily Regimen.

      In Ayurveda explains that clean your teeth twice a day .

      One should clean his/ her teeth with the twigs of Arka, Nyagrodha , Babbol , Karanj , Khadira and many others which are Astringent , Pungent and bitter in taste.
Twigs should be size of tip of little finger in thickness and twelve Angulas (  finger 's breadth ) in length and strait , its top made like a soft brush ( by chewing ) the teeth should be cleaned without hurting the gums.

Tongue scrapping
       Tongue scraping is also important for oral Hygiene.

       After toothbrushing do tongue scrapping. In Ayurveda described that use gold , silver , copper, stainless steel scraper or branches of certain trees for scrapping of tongue.

 🦷 Steps for Dental and  Oral hygiene

1.   Cleaning of Teeth ( Brushing )
    Clean your teeth twice in a day ( Brushing)  a) Morning b) Before going to bed because by this way we can get rid of the germs and plaque that accumulate throughout the day.

2. How to choose a toothbrush
    Brush properly your teeth and choose brush carefully that is soft, not harmful for gums and that removes plaque properly from teeth.

3. Toothbrushing Technique

Toothbrushing steps | practice of toothbrushing to maintain good oral and dental hygiene | way2health

    We have to focus on the proper movement of the brush for front teeth move the brush upwards to downwards and in inner teeth move the brush into circular motion , do brushing outside , inside and all over the mouth.

4. Cleaning of Brush 
    After cleaning of teeth , wash the brush properly.
     Change your brush every 3-4 months and after recovering from any illness.

5. Tongue Cleaning
    With the cleaning of teeth take care of tongue also , because plaque is also present on tongue.
    Tongue cleaning not only helps to remove plaque but also removes bad mouth odor , germs that present on tongue.

6. Gargling
    Gargling after eating food is also necessary for oral health.
    Don't skip this step because that reduces amount acid in the mouth that is harmful for teeth or Mouth and also cleans the area which is hard to brush around the gums.

7. Food
    Don't eat excessive amount of sugary and acidic foods because sugar converts into acid in the mouth and this acid leads to Cavities in teeth.

8.  How to choose a toothpaste
     Choose your toothpaste wisely and select the toothpaste that contains fluoride , it is helpful to avoid tooth decay ( Cavities ) by fighting with germs that leads to decay and provide barrier to teeth.

9. Visit of Dentist 
     Visit your dentist atleast twice a year for regular checkup of teeth and gums.

10. Child Awareness on Dental Hygiene
      There is also need to make your child aware about Dental or Oral hygiene.
       Tell your child about importance of Dental hygiene, toothbrushing .
        Help them to choose their toothbrush and toothpaste.


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