Osteoarthritis - know the possible causative factors and how to get rid from joint pain by some home remedies and lifestyle changes

     Osteoarthritis is the most common form of chronic disorder of synovial joints. It is characterized by progressive degenerative changes in the articular cartilages over the years,  particularly in weight bearing joints. 

Joint pain management

    In Ayurveda it is known as Sandhivata characterized by pain,  Swelling and restriction of joint movements.

    Osteoarthritis is most commonest rheumatologic problem and more common in women than men. 

    It is often caused by wear and tear to the joints over time. It can occur in any joint but most commonly affects Hips, Hands and Spine. 

πŸ”³   Risk Factors and causes :-

-  Eating Rough( Ruksha) , Unctuous ( Asnigdh), Light( Laghu) properties diet regularly.

- Age ( Most common as the age advances especially after the age of 50.)

- Obesity ( the changes of osteoarthritis increases in obese person because extra weight puts more stress on joints.) 

-  Genetics ( People having family history are more likely to develop Osteoarthritis.) 

- Due to occupation like standing whole day,  banding joints frequently, heavy weight lifting  due to job requirement.

-     These all are at higher risk of Osteoarthritis, peole who comes under these categories they should  follow the preventive habits. 

 πŸ”³ Symptoms :- 

- Joint Pain 

- Pain and tenderness during movement of joints 

- Inflammation in joint / Swelling  of the joints 

- Stiffness of the joint

- Degeration of joint, muscle imbalance, Fibrosis

- Deformity in the joints 

- Crackling Sound

πŸ”³  How You can diagnose? 

Joint pain management

 - X-Ray or Radiological Assessment 

- Crepitation or Range of movement

πŸ”³ Management/ Preventive measures :-

- The first aim should be lifestyle modification and dietary habits, yoga, Regular exercise.

- This is age related degenerative disorder,  it may persist for lifetime but through change in lifestyle and treatment the symptoms of osteoarthritis can be reduced and the disease can be stopped in its primordial and primary stage to lead a good quality of life. 

- Exercise helps to strengthen the muscle around joints and relieve stiffness. 

- choose Gentle and low impact activities that don't affect your joint more. 

- You can also do some yoga like sun salutations, Child pose,  Bridge Pose,  Forword fold, Cobra pose and Others. That helps to improve flexibility of joint and relieves pain . According to site of pain or osteoarthritis or for prevention purpose you can do all Yoga postures. 

- Loss weight if osteoarthritis is due to over weight because our body's weight put strain in the joints and causes pain and a healthy weight also helps to prevent some other disease. 

- Take proper sleep at night that gives rest to your muscle and can reduce swelling and inflammation of joint. 

- you can use hot and cold therapy. Heat relieves stiffness and cold relieves muscle spasms and pain.

- Avoid activities that overload the joint .

- Massage your joints with oil  daily for that you can use Tila taila ( Sesame oil ), Sarso Taila ( Mustard oil ), Mahanarayan Taila,  Nirgundi Taila amd others.

- Eat Unctuous ( Snigdha),  Madhura ( Sweet) properties diet like ghee,  Oil,  Amla ( Indian gooseberry),  sweets,  Wheat flour items, Black gram,  Milk,  Banana Etc. 


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