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Insomnia : Causes and Management

 “sleep is an investment in the energy 

you need to be effective tomorrow.”


Sleep disturbances

   As per the Ayurveda 1. Food (Ahar) 2. Sleep (Nindra) 3. Celibacy (Brahmacharya) these three are described as Traya Upsthambha. Which means three basic physiological requirement for healthy life.

    Sleep (Nindra) is the one of the essential factors for healthy life. According to Ayurveda Happiness and Unhappiness, Proper and Improper development, Strength and Weakness, Potency and Impotency, Intellect and Non intellect,      Life and Death all depends on your sleeping habits.

    Sleeping time is vary according to your age, minimum time requirement for sleep is 7 to 8 hours.






14-17 hours


4-12 months

12-16 hours


1-2 years

11-14 hours


3-5 years

10-13 hours

5.Schoolage children

6-13 years

9-11 hours

6. Teenagers

14-17 years

8-10 hours


18-64 years

7-9 hours

8.Older adults

> 65 years

7-8 hours


πŸ˜„ Definition of Insomnia (Anidra)

     Insomnia means a person having trouble for falling or staying asleep that doesn’t leave you feeling refreshed when you wake up.

     It is a common sleep disorder and 1.5times more common in aged person more than 65 years. In Ayurveda anidra is considered as a disease under the category of Nanatmaj Vikara of vata dosha.

πŸ˜„ Causative factor (Nidana)

  Food Habits (Aharaj Nidana)

  ✔  Excessive consumption of food which having Dry (Ruksha), Light (Laghu),

Sharp (Tikshna) properties.

  ✔  Excessive consumption of caffeine, Alcohol and Recreational Drugs.

2.     Daily Activities (Viharaj Nidana)

       ✔  Uncomfortable and Unusual sleeping environment.

       ✔  Excessive Physical activity, Fasting, Sexual activity.

       ✔  Excessive involvement in any work either mentally or physically cause deviation from sleep.

       ✔  Excessive computer work and watching television at night.  

       ✔  Emotional disturbance like Fear (Bhaya), Stress (Chinta), Misery (Dukha), Anger (Krodha) etc.

       ✔  Due to some disease like Arthritis (Sandhivata), Heart Burn (Amlapitta),

Menopause, Hyperthyroidism and others.

  ✔  Due to any external injury that is also cause insomnia.

πŸ˜„Clinical Features (Lakshana)

  ✔ Loss of sleep or poor sleep (Nidra nasha or Kshaya)

  ✔ Body ache and heaviness of body (Angamarda)

  ✔ Hedache (Shirah shool)

  ✔ Drawsiness during day time (Tandra)

  ✔ Indigestion (Apakti)

 ✔ Not feeling refreshed during day time (Glani)


Insomnia Treatment

1.     Avoidance of causative factors (Nidana Parivarjan)

2.     Food habits ( Ahar)

✔ Warm Buffalo milk, Sweet (Madhur), Unctuous (Snigdh) properties food are suggested.

✔ Avoidance of excessive consumption of Coffee, Tea, Soft drinks, Alcohol, Smocking etc.

✔ Incompatible, Indigestible, Hot and spicy food should be avoided.

3.     Daily Activities (viharaj)

✔ Maintenance of active physical and mental life.

✔ Do light physical activities and take warm water bath before bed time should be advised.

✔ Sleep on comfortable bed and maintain a regular sleep schedule and avoid nap during day time.

✔ Excessive computer work and watching television should be avoided.

✔ Listening to the soothing music at bed time.

✔ Practicing Yoga and Meditation like Pranayama, Suryanamskara, Tadasana, Padmasana, Pashchimottanasana, Shavasana and others.



External medication:-

✔ Abhayang (Body Massage), Padaabhayanga (massage of planter- region),Shiroabhayang (Massage of scalp) and Samvahana (Gentle pressing the body) also induces sleep.

✔ Utsadan and Udvartan (Massage of body with powder or paste)

✔ Netra Tarpana

✔ Shirodhara with Buttermilk or oil

 Oral medication:-

✔ Sharpagandha Ghana vati

✔ Brahmi churna

✔ Pippali moola churna

✔ Jatamamsi Churna

✔ Shankhapushpi churna

     This all are take in a combination with milk 3gm two times in a day or take it individually.

     This all herbs are calming and tranquilizing used as brain tonic.


 Take all this medication after the advised of Registered Ayurvedic Physician.    




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