Immunity Booster Remedies and Diet

      Immunity means the ability of an organism to resist a particular infection or toxin by the action of specific antibodies or sensitized white blood cells. 

Immunity booster remedies

     This immunity, however depends on antibacterial qualities not only of the blood,  but also on that of tissues, the intracellular fluids, lymph and so for the defense comes into play in the order of tissues  Lymphatic system,  blood stream  and finally Reticuloendothelial system.  

     Immunity also varies according to Age, Stress and in every individual.

 πŸŒŸ Types of Immunity 

  Immunity is mainly of two types.

 1)  a.  Innate.       b. Adaptive 

 2)  c.  Active.        d. Passive 


a)   Innate (Natural)  Immunity  :

         Everyone is born with innate (Natural)  Immunity. 

b)   Adaptive Immunity :

       This type of immunity is develops throughout our lives, e. g.  When we are exposed to some disease our body immunized against that disease.


c)  Active Immunity :

       This type of immunity developed when our body expose to some pathogenic infection or by vaccination.

d)  Passive Immunity :

     Our body received some antibody via any organism or external delivery for e. g.  Blood transfusions of monodonal antibodies and we immunized by this way. 

🌟How immune system work in our body?

  *  Our primary defense against pathogenic germs or foreign body are physical barriers like our skin and some other pathogen destroying chemicals also produce in our body like tears, Lysozymes and mucus membrane.

 *   The immune system can be activated by antigens like proteins on the surfaces of bacteria, fungi and viruses. 

  *   When germ comes in our body the processes are triggered in the body and antigens becomes active. 

 *    When any germ comes first time in contact with our body, our immune system stores information about that germ again if that germ comes in contact with our body then our immune system fight faster and that disease doesn’t occur again. e.g. Chicken pox. 

   *   This type of immunity also develops in our body by vaccination( Adaptive immunity).

 πŸŒŸImmunity Booster Remedies and Diet 

Immunity booster food

  *  To stay immune choose a healthy lifestyle and diet is first line of defense. 

*     Avoid stress;  when it stays longer time affect our immune system, so do Meditation, exercise or do something you enjoy to avoid stress. 

*    Spend some time with your friends, family or pets to remain relax and stress free.

*     Take a good sleep about 7 to 8 hours at night. 

*     Avoid too much Alcohol because it’s weakens our immunity so, drink in Moderation. 

*    Take steps to Avoid infection, like wash your hands frequently, eat healthy diet etc. 

*   Do exercise on regular basis that improves cardiovascular health, helps to control body weight, Diabetes and protect our body against many diseases.

*    Eat healthy diet for e. g.  Citrus fruits, Red bell peppers, Garlic, Ginger, spinach, papaya, Kiwi, Turmeric,  Poultry and many others. 

*    Nowadays to prevent Covid 19 and to boost your immunity eat vitamin C,  Zinc rich foods such as Citrus fruits, Green leafy vegetables, Fortified cereals Tomato and many others.

 *    You can also use some herbal products like Tulsi ( Basil Leaves),  Ardrak ( Ginger)  , Guduchi ( Tinospora cordifolia), Haridra ( Turmeric), Ashawagandha ( Withania Somnifera) etc. 

*     You can make herbal tea of Tulsi ( Basil leaves),  Tvak ( Cinnamon),  Marich ( Pepper) , Sunthi ( Dry Ginger)  and you can drink this tea daily. 

Note :

If someone have any serious illness  and lower their immunity due to that than please must visit a Physician.

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