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Required nutrients of our body and it’s food supplements


          Nutrients means essential substances for our body that found in our daily food.



         They are protein, Fat, Carbohydrates,  Vitamin and Minerals. Eat a food that includes a variety of nutrients is the way to have a healthy and balanced diet. 

 👉 Body building food – Protein and Fat

👉  Energy  producing food -Carbohydrates 

👉  Protective food-Minerals and Vitamins

🍀  Protein :

    Proteins are body building material are also used in repairing wear and tear of our body. 

   Various enzymes, some hormones, DNA and RNA molecules are made up of proteins. 

Sources :- Meat,  Fish,  Eggs,  Peas, Bean,  Milk or Dairy products,  Nuts,  Lentils etc. 

Daily Need :-1gm /kg body weight 

🍀  Carbohydrates :

     Carbohydrates or fuel substances that required to produce quick energy. It is stored in liver and muscle as glycogen in the form of starch in plants. 

Source:- Bread,  Potato,  Sugarcane,  Grapes,  Wheat,  Maize,  Lentils,  Cereal Products 

Daily Need :-400-500gm

🍀  Fat

      Fat is highly concentrated energy food. 1gm fat provides 9.5 kcal of energy. 

      Fat helps in architecture of living bodies and serves as compact fuel for molecules, also serves as reserve food. 

Source:- Butter,  Cream,  Oil,  Nuts,  Grains,  Coconut,  Meat,  Sea food,  eggs,  Poultry,  Sugar,  Fruits,  Vegetables

Daily need:- 45-60 gm

🍀  Vitamins :

      It is essential for healthy and well-balanced growth of body and required in small amount for the normal functioning of the body. 

Vitamin’s functions ,source and Daily need :

Vitamin A (Retinol) :-

  - Essential for new cell growth 

  - Anti infective and growth promoting 

  - Forms visual purpose in retina and helps in healthy growth of epithelial lining and mucus membrane. 

Source:- Milk,  Butter,  Ghee,  Fish,  Cod liver oil, Mutton,  Eggs,  Green,  Yellow vegetables,  Fruits,  Carrot, Cabbage,  Mangoes and papaya

Daily need:- 5000 IU

 Vitamin  D (Calciferol) :-

 - For calcification of bones and teeth and prevention and cure of Rickets and Osteomalacia.

 - For assimilation of calcium and phosphorous and development of bones and teeth. 

Source:- Milk,  Butter,  Ghee,  Egg yolk,  Cod liver oil,  Exposure to sunlight.

Daily need :- 400-1000 IU

Vitamin E (Tocopherol) :-

   - It promotes reproduction and helps in Rapid cell division and growth of embryo. 

Source:- Vegetable oil,  Green leafy vegetables,  germinating seeds, Wheat, Cereal,Milk

Daily Need:- 15-20mg

Vitamin K (Phylloquinone) :-

 - Essential for normal coagulation of blood and normal functioning Liver. 

Source:- Milk, Green vegetable, Cabbage,  Tomato,  Cauliflower,  Spinach,  Wheat, Soya bean oil

Daily Need:- 90-120 micrograms

Vitamin B1 (Thiyamine) :-

 - Promotes appetite, growth and nerve function. 

Source:- Milk,  Eggs,  Unpolished Grains,  Fish,  Yeast

Daily Need:- 2mg

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) :-

 - Makes metabolism of carbohydrates and fats easy. 

Source:- Milk,  Butter,  Eggs,  Green vegetables,  Fruit

Daily Need :- 2-3gms

Vitamin B6(Pyridoxine) :-

 - It is called as anti-dermatitis vitamin. 

 - Essential for normal protein metabolism and Hemoglobin synthesis. Also helps as a co-enzyme in many metabolic process. 

Source:-Whole grains,  Cereals,  Pulses,  Milk,  Vegetable,  Nuts and fruits

Daily Need :- 1-2 mg

Vitamin B12 (Cynocobalmine) :-

 - cures Purnicious anemia in very small doses and maintain normal function of RBCs. 

Source:-Milk,  Meat,  Liver,  Cereals,  Pulses,

Daily Need :- 2.4-2.6 micrograms 

Vitamin B9 ( Biotin) :-

- Helps in fat and carbohydrate metabolism. 

Sources:- Eggs,  Cereals,  Yeast,  Liver

Daily Need:- 30-35 micrograms 

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) :-

Citrus fruits

 - Helps in proper development of bones , teeth and other tissues. 

 - Essential for maturation of RBCs. 

Source:- Citrus fruits,  Amla (Indian Gooseberry), Tomato,  Banana,  Milk,  Fresh green vegetables, Meat

Daily Need :- 50-100 mg

🍀 Minerals


 - Minerals maintain the tone pf muscle,  Acid-alkali balance,  Rigid structures e.g. (Bones,  Teeth) 

- Helps to stimulates digestive secretions and general growth of the body. 

Calcium :-

 - Chief constituent of bones and teeth and also controls rhythmic activities of heart and contractile muscles, necessary for clotting of blood. 

Source:- Milk, cheese,  Eggs,  Dark green leafy vegetables,  Dried beans,  Banana

Daily Need:- 1-1.5 gm


 - Essential for multiplication of cells and growth of body and in the formation of energy rich molecules. 

Source:- Cheese,  yolk of eggs,  Almonds,  Nuts,  Peas,  Milk,  Potatoes 

Daily Need :- 1-5 gm


 -  Plays important role in the oxidation and catalysis of enzymes. 

-  Main constituent Hemoglobin in blood. 

Source :- Pulses,  Cereals,  jaggery ,  Dry fruits,  Dates,  Figs, Onions,  Eggs,  Lettuce,   Green vegetable 

Daily need:- 8-18 mg


- Necessary for proper functioning of thyroid gland. 

Source:- salt,  Sea fish,  Cod liver oil,  Yolk of eggs,  Onions 

Daily need:- 150 mg


- supports our immune system and nerve function. Also helps in reproduction. 

Source:- Red meat,  Some sea food,  Fortified cereals

Daily need:- 8-11 mg


 - Required for fluid balance. 

Source:- Food mad with added salt

Daily need:- 1200-1500mg

Note :

       There is difference between getting our nutrients from food or from supplements(Medicine)  when we get our nutrients from food,  it is easier for our body to maintain a balance.

       Don’t take excess of nutrients supplements (Medicine)  it is also harmful. Daily need of nutrients is vary from person to person  ,According to age and in men and women. 


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