Stress - way to feel free from physical and emotional stress

Stress management and Causes

   Stress is a normal human reaction that happens to everyone. when someone experience changes or challenges (stressors )his or her body produces physical, mental responses that’s stress.

    Stress responses helps our body adjust to New situations. stress can be positive or negative.

    For example if someone has an important test coming up, a stress response might help their body work harder and stay awake longer. This way stress keeping us alert and ready to avoid danger.

   But stress become a problem when it’s last longer and start affecting to our health

There are two types of stress.

 1) Acute stress

     It helps you manage dangerous situation. It also occurs when someone do something new or exciting.

  2) Chronic stress

      That lasts for week or months. if someone didn't find the way to manage stress, it may lead to health problems. This leads to unhealthy behavior of a person like over eating or less eating, Drinking too much of Alcohol, more shopping, smoking, using drugs Etc.

😊 Causes

      Causes may vary from person to person e. g. 

 - Getting married or divorced

-  Having a baby 

-  Retiring

-  The death of closed ones

-  Starting a new job

-  Having a serious illness

-  Problems at work or home

 -  Money problems

😊Signs of stress

 *  Physical symptoms

-  Body ache and pain 

-  Headache, Dizziness or Shaking

-   Muscle tension

-  Exhaustion or trouble sleeping

-   Digestive  problems

-   Sudden weight loss or gain

-   Sexual problems

-   Immunity decreases

-   Blood pressure rises

Mental symptoms

-  Anxiety or irritability

 - Panic attacks

-  Depression

-  Sadness

😊  Management

How to relive stress

 ✔    Do exercise like running, swimming ,cycling, dancing or whatever you like because physical activity can help improve our sleep.

 ✔   Take a better sleep is one of the best management of stress.

 ✔    Focus on your diet eat healthy and timely for example Beans,  Citrus fruits , Berries, Vegetables and spices, Avoid junk food and extra Fatty food.

 ✔    Using some relaxation techniques like yoga ,meditation for meditation find a quite, comfortable place and Focus your attention on Word, phrase, object and on your breath.

✔     Let your thought come and go ; do not judge them.

 ✔    Practice  deep breathing to relax.

✔     Try to connect with people spend time with your friend, family member who will listen to you. it is the natural way to calm you and lower your stress.

 ✔   Focus On your behavior also, walk away from anxious situations,  share your responsibility.

 ✔   Distract yourself with music or by doing your favorite work playing Etc. 

 ✔   Do laugh therapy; this improves immune system lessons the pain and improves our mood for long periods time

  ✔   Identify the sources of stress in your life either Avoid ,Alter, Adapt or Accept  it. This four A's helps you to manage stress.

  ✔   Crate a balanced schedule between work and family life,  Social activities and Daily activities. 

 ✔  Learn to stay positive and practice gratitude, acknowledging the good parts of your day or life. 

Note :-

    If someone has thoughts like to harm their own self or others and to do suicide, and your health become worse than  please visit a Doctor.

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