Diabetes , know how can you manage your diabetes!! which are the common types of diabetes ? can u ever heard about word 'prameha' or 'madhumeha' !!

       In Ayurveda Diabetes was known as Prameha or Madhumeha. This disease become a global problem nowadays, so for our health , prevention of this disease is must, because prevention is better than cure.

Diabetes preventive tips

      If someone has diabetes means their body doesn’t produce proper amount of insulin either not using Insulin that leads to high level of sugar in blood and urine. 

  According to  ayurveda  if someone is not eating healthy food and irregular lifestyle mainly causes vitiation of kapha Dosha, Medo Dhatu( fat)  and Mutra (Urine)  that leads to Premeha or Madhumeha.  

     Mainly Diabetes is of two types Diabetes insipidus and Diabetes Mallitus. 

     High-level of blood sugar, frequent Urination and presence of sugar in urine, Burning sensation on feet are primary signs and symptoms of Diabetes (Prameha). If anybody find this signs than do check their level of sugar in blood  and Urine and take step to prevent or manage diabetes. 

     Here are the causes ,prevention or management of the diabetes. if someone not manage the level of sugar in blood and Urine it can lead to many several illness like Kidney failure, Diabetic Ulcers, vision loss,  Heart stroke and sometimes neural defects also. 

Causes of Diabetes :- 

🔅 Diet (Aharaj Nidana) 

- Taking excessive amount of Fatty, Sweet and junk food. 

- New Rice, New wheat, potatoes and many others. 

- Eating excessive yogurt, Alcohol. 

- Daily eating of seafood, meat Etc. 

🔅 Lifestyle (Viharaj Nidana) 

- Lack exercise 

- Excessive sleeping

- Day sleeping

- Excessive stress, Fear, Anger, Anxiety 

- It can also occur due to any disease or Obesity. 

Preventive measures or Management 

- Everyone  knows that taking medicine or taking insulin injection are the only ways to control diabetes but by following proper Diet and lifestyle one can manage the diabetes. 

- So,  Here are four steps to prevent or manage diabetes. 

1) Avoid the causes of diabetes as described earlier. (Nidana Parivarjana) 

2) Diet (Ahar) 

Diet for Diabetic patient

✔   Food (Ahar)  which is light and contains less amount of fat, carbohydrates and sugar are advised. 

✔   Barley(Yava), Green gram (Moong) , Gram (chana),  Honey (Madhu),  Indian gooseberry (Amla),  Bitter gourd (Karlea)  , Turmeric (Haridra) are advised. 

Eat old grains, Rice Etc. 

✔    Avoid excessive amount of ghee,  oil,  yogurt,  sweets,  sugarcane, Alcohol, Black gram in excessive amount or in daily meal. 

✔   Avoid eating when you are not hungry. 

✔   Drink enough amount of water. 

3) Life style (Vihar) 

Lifestyle for Diabetic patient

Do exercise or any physical activity which you like e.g. Walking, Swimming,  Cycling, Skipping Etc. 

Avoid sedentary habits. 

Avoid Day sleep. 

Do Yoga,  Meditation  to remove stress e. g.  paschimotanasana, veerasana,  Mayurasana,  Dhanurasana,  Ardhmatsyendrasana,  Bhastrika Pranayama,  Bhramari Pranayama and many others. 

Yoga practices reduce blood as well as Urine glucose level. 

Avoid smocking.

   4)  Medication  (Aushadha) 

✔   Take medicine which have Bitter(Tikta), Pungent (Katu) and Astringent ( Kashaya) in taste. 

Single Drugs 

Jambu (Black berry) 

Guduchi (Tinospora Cordifolia) 

Nimba ( Neem Tree) 

Amlaki ( Indian gooseberry) 

Bilva (Begal Quince) 

Haridra (Turmeric) 

Methika  (Fenu greek) 

Vijaysara ( Indian kino tree) 

Compound formulations 


Phalatrikadi kwath

Shilajatvadi Kwath


Darvyadi Kwath and many others. 

Note - if u have an any signs and symptoms or complaint related to diabetic condition then u should visit ayurved doctor before starting medication.

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