Eight Rules that you should follow during eating

     Food is the most important thing for living beings. That’s why this is included in three basic pillars of life 1. Food 2. Air 3. Water

Eating habits

      Nowadays we eat food but eating in hurry, Untimely and watching TV while eating etc. becomes our habit and due to this we fall easily ill. 

      So,  eating habits and rules are very much important for our health.

     Mind and food have a very strange paradoxical relationship. So,  a good state of mind of a person is very much important while eating.

     A perfect meal is that which is easily digestible, provides  nourishment to all tissues and does not create any diseases. So, take your time to enjoy your meals. 

 🍛 Eating Rule

Eating rules

 Mainly remember this eight rules. 

 1) Natural quality of food ( e. g.  Heavy, light etc.)  

 2)  Processing of food 

 3) Combination of substances

 4)  Quantity of food 

 5) Place where we eat

 6) Time to consume food

 7)  Rules of taking food ( e. g.  Do not laugh, talk, not consume fast etc.) 

 8)  The person who consumes the food 

   ✔  Eat according to your constitution means someone become easily hungry and some is not because either their digestion power is strong or weak. So, eat when you are hungry and according to your constitution.

    ✔  One should eat heavy food in less quantity and light food in more but not full because heavy food takes more time for digestion.

   ✔   Some food may not be suitable for direct consumption. So, eat processed food but not Half cooked or overcooked and eat freshly processed cooked because it’s best for nutrition and easily digestible.

  ✔   To get proper nutrition one should use combination of food, make proper combination because for e. g.  don’t mix honey and ghee in same quantity because it’s become poison.

   ✔  Take proper quantity of food, if you take fewer amounts than required it will not fulfil the body needs. If you consume excess amount that leads to disease. So,  take proper amount of food as per your digestive power. 

  ✔   The place is also matters while eating because in cold region people’s digestion power is strong and in hot region people’s digestion power is weak. So, place and accessories ( Utensils etc. ) should be favorable.

   ✔  Time is also matters for eating. Eat full meal at day time (in lunch) ,at night our digestion power become weak and in sleeping it works less. 

  ✔   Don’t eat food before 3 hours of bed time and eat proper food when you are hungry don’t suppress your hunger that leads to illness. 

  ✔   One should eat with utmost concentration on the food, while not talking or laughing; If we talk or laugh and our mind is elsewhere we inflicted with the same defects as by eating fast, like food get into the wrong passage e. g.  In trachea ( Respiratory tract )

    ✔   Use Hot, Unctuous, Moist food in your  daily meal and also include all six tastes in your meal.  

Note : Six tastes ( Sweet, Sour, Salty, Pungent, Bitter, Astringent) 

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