Summer hacks : Remedies to maintaining health in summer season

   Friends summer is here. During  this season sun and wind  become more powerful. So, hot sun takes away cooling qualities of the earth. 

Summer tips

   In Ayurveda it is known as Grishma ritu comprises of two months Jyestha and Ashadh means Mid May to Mid July. During this season Agni mahabhut  ( Fire element) , Pitta dosha  aggraviates and Pungent ( Katu), Bitter ( Tikta)  and Astringent ( Kashaya)  taste become dominant. 

  So, it's time for preparing our self for this hot season to remain healthy and disease free. 

   Fever, Jaundice, Dehydration, stomach upset ( Vomiting, Diarrhoea)  heat stroke Etc.  Common disease occurs during this season due to loss of fluid and more heat. 

   Less fluid intake causes constipation and Irritable bowel Syndrome  ( IBS) also aggravates during this season. 

  Follow proper diet and lifestyle this is the Right way for your fitness. Here are some summer tips for you. 

  ๐Ÿ’ฅ  Do's ( Pathya) 

  ๐Ÿน Diet :-

Summer tips

-  Due to hotness of summer our body needs more liquid to maintain electrolyte balance and keeping body hydrated. Taking  more quantity of liquid affects digestive fire. So,  we experience loss of appetite.  Don't drink too much ice cold liquid after meals. 

 -  Eat the food which have sweet, cold and light properties.

 -  Eat Curd after adding pepper powder and sugar is advised,  but at night it should be avoided.

 - Drinks juices which has all tastes are advised. 

-  For 1-2 hours soak equal quantity of dried Grapes,  Dates and figs in water and then churned well and drink it.  Like this way for drinking purpose you can also use cooling properties food and Fruits, because this is satisfactory, nourishing  and soothing and keeping us hydrated.

- Eat freshly cooked food. 

- Drink fresh fruit juices, lime water, Butter milk,  coconut water,  Tekmeriya shots, Funnel juice to stay hydrated and it's  cooling in nature and this is healthy then soft and cold drinks. 

- Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables like Watermelon,  Melons,  Cucumber,  Broccoli,  Cabbage Etc. 

  ๐Ÿน Life style :- 

- Wear light color, thin amd light cotton clothes.

- Take bath twice a day. 

- Day sleep is advised during this hot season. 

- Do light exercise, go for walking at evening near the gardens or open, soothing and in cooling area. 

- During day time stay inside the house and stay away from the heat of the sun. Spend your time with children, friends and Family. 

- During night one should sleep on terrace facing the moon light. 

 ๐Ÿ’ฅ  Don'ts ( Apathya) 

  ๐Ÿน  Diet :-

-   Don't eat too much spicy heavy, fried, astringent and bitter food. 

-   Don't drink Alcohol. If ot is necessary then take it in little quantity or dilute with more quantity of water. 

-  Avoid eating refrigerated food and drinks it causes burning sensation in stomach. ( Stomach Upset) 

-  If we don't take care of our diet then it causes Acid reflux, Nausea,  Burning sensation and dehydration. 

  ๐ŸนLife style :-

- Avoid  exposure to heat or sun light. 

- Avoid  heavy exercise and work. 

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