What is Hydration ? Know something about this.

    For a healthy body three major  components needed and that is 1.Air  

2. Water 3.Food.

          The process of providing an adequate amount of water to body tissues is known as Hydration

  Water is most essential factor to stay hydrated and for a healthy body. To maintain a daily life functions proper hydration is must. 

   Our body needed around 2-2.5 lit. of water daily to stay hydrated. 

💧 Here are some benefits of staying Hydrated. 


1. Helps joints and muscle to function correctly. 

2. Drinking water cleanses our body by helping organs like kidneys filter the waste from blood and dispose of it. 

3. Increase energy, Brain function and promote cardiovascular health by providing oxygen to all cells. 

4. It regulates the temperature and prevents constipation. 

5. Helps in metabolism and it’s essential component of blood. 

6. Hydration also helps to treat some disease like kidney stones, seizures, Headache, some common flus etc. 

7. Hydration keeps our skin healthy and lustrous. 

💧 Sources of Hydration 

Sources of Hydration

👉  To Have               👉      To Avoid

    -  Water - Soda, Beer

    -  Milk - Wine, liquor 

  -  Fruits - Hot cocoa

  -  Coconut water         -  Coffee

 - Some sports drinks  - Sweet tea

  - Soup, Tomatoes - Flavored milk

 - Milk alternatives      - Smoothies

All avoidable sources  gives hydration to our body, But it’s Best to avoid for our health. 

Signs od Dehydration and Overhydration

💧   Dehydration 

 We loose water each day through the urine, sweat and other waste products. So, if we don’t drink enough water it might cause dehydration in our body. 

  It means in our body doesn’t have enough fluid to work properly. 

Signs of Dehydration :

- Urine color became dark yellow or amber

- Little or no urine 

- Dry Mouth 

- Fatigue or sleepiness

- Headache 

- Confusion 

- Constipation 

- Dry skin

- Rapid heart rate

- Extreme thirst

Effects of Dehydration :

- Dehydration makes us irritable, cranky and moody. 

- Our metabolism also slows down when we are thirsty. 

- Our skin became drier, wrinkle and the effect of ageing is increase. 

- It may effect energy so, we can’t work properly. 

- It confuses our body between thirst and hunger so, weight gain is occur due to dehydration .

- Risk of cardiovascular disorder is increases. 

- Our kidney will function poorly and risk of kidney stone is increases. 

💧     Over hydration

   Drinking to much water can also affects our bodily functions. It can lead to water intoxication. 

.  Over hydration also occurs when our body can’t get rid of water properly or several disease can cause our body to retain water like liver disease, congestive heart failure, kidney problems .

Signs of Over hydration :

- Dizziness 

- Fatigue 

- Abnormality in walking

- Muscle cramping

- Excess urination 

- Nausea, vomiting

- Confusion

Effects of Over hydration :

- Electrolyte imbalance occurs by drinking too much water is called hyponatremia. 

- Some severe cases result in swelling in brain; leading to seizures, coma or impaired mental status. 

💧 Some tips for staying well Hydrated

  Drink water as per the need of our body not less or not too much. 

  Drink water before and after workout and in-between

  If you don’t like the taste of water you can add lemon to your drink or take alternatives to stay hydrated. 

  When you are hungry don’t drink too much water and also after eating for an hour don’t drink too much water it affects our metabolism. 

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