Emaciation - Gain weight by changing your diet and lifestyle

   " Nutrition is the only remedy that can bring full recovery and can be used with any treatment. Remember food is our best medicine." - Anonymous 

Weight gain

        Emaciation ( Karshya)  means person having lean and thin body character. It is an disease caused due to malnutrition (Aptarpanjanya vyadhi). 

       Emaciation is defined as extreme weight loss and unnatural thinness due to a loss of subcutaneous fat ( The fatty or adipose tissue beneath the skin) and muscle throughout the body. 

       A body mass index (BMI=Kg/m2) below 18.5 is considered under weight or emaciation.

        If the emaciated person is not treated properly then it causes spleen enlargement, Wasting, dyspnoea, Piles , gastrointestinal disorders etc. 

         Karshya is emaciation of Sphika (buttocks), Udar (belly / abdominal fats), Griva (Neck). The arteries and veins of all the body looks prominent.

         Emaciation is a symptom and as well as disease also. 

        Emaciation (Karshya)  is considered to be better than Obesity (Sthaulya). 

πŸ”³   Cause :

- Eating more Rough (Ruksha)  ,Pungent (Katu),  non sliminess ( Vishada)  properties food. 

- Taking inadequate quantity of food (Pramitasana) 

- Forceful suppression of natural urges like sleep, thirst and hunger.  (Vegavidharana) 

- Excessive Fasting (Ati langhana) 

- Excessive sexual intercourse (Ati vyavay) 

- Excessive physical and mental activity (Ati vyayama) 

- Genetics and constitution (Beejadosha and prakriti) 

- Old age (Jara) 

- Less sleep or Inadequate sleep at night ( Nidra Nigraha) 

- Due to diseases like Tuberculosis, HIV,  Chronic inflammatory disease, Camcer and Blood disorders etc. 

- Emotional disturbance like Fear,  Grief,  Worries,  Amger etc. 

  πŸ”³ Symptoms :

- Skin bone appearance (Twagasthi Shesho) 

- Thick joints ( Sthoola Parva) 

- Prominent Vascular network (Dhamanijala santataha) 

- Does not tolerate too much of cold and heat 

- Does not tolerate high intoxicity of hanger, Thirst,  Dosease, Drugs.

   Emaciated person intolerate following things. 

- Hunger and Thirst ( Ksudha evum Pipasa) 

- Excessive Heat and cold ( Shitoshnatva) 

- Heavy weight ,Rains (Bhar evum Varsha) 

 - Emaciated person prone to Vata roga e. g.  Paralysis ( Pakshaghata), Parkinson's ( Kampavata)  etc. 

  πŸ”³  Do's (Pathya) 

Diet for weight gain

- Take light ( Laghu)  and nourishing ( Santarpan) diet which increases digestion power and helps to weight gain. 

- Intake of ghee,  Milk,  Almond,  Fig,  Date palm and Black gram etc. 

- Intake of newly harvested grains after cooking. 

- Take day sleep. 

- Do oil massage on whole body on daily basis. 

- Eating and having Sweet ( Madhur) , Unctuous (Snigdh), Light (Laghu)  properties. 

- Do yoga e. g.  Suryanamskara and meditation to remain happy and cheerful. 

- Cessation of mental activity to take things easy and not to worry. 

  πŸ”³  Don'ts (Apathya) :

- Avoid Eating Bitter (Tikta),  Astringent (Kashaya),  Pungent (Katu)  properties food more in quantity. 

- Avoid Heavy Exercise and sexual activity. 

- Avoid Night awakening. 

- Avoid cause of worry,  Fear and Anger. 

  πŸ”³  Treatment :

Single Drugs :-

- Ashwagandha ( Withania Somnifera) 

- Vidarikanda ( Indian Kudzu) 

- Shatavari  ( Asparagus Racemosus) 

- Jivanti ( Leptadenia) 

- Bala ( Heart-Leaf sida) 

Compound formulations : -

- Chyavanprasha Avleha

 -  Narikelkhanda paka

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