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Required nutrients of our body and it’s food supplements

            Nutrients means essential substances for our body that found in our daily food.            They are protein, Fat, Carbohydrates,  Vitamin and Minerals. Eat a food that includes a variety of nutrients is the way to have a healthy and balanced diet.   πŸ‘‰ Body building food – Protein and Fat πŸ‘‰  Energy  producing food  -Carbohydrates  πŸ‘‰  Protective food -Minerals and Vitamins πŸ€  Protein :     Proteins are body building material are also used in repairing wear and tear of our body.     Various enzymes, some hormones, DNA and RNA molecules are made up of proteins.  Sources :- Meat,  Fish,  Eggs,  Peas, Bean,  Milk or Dairy products,  Nuts,  Lentils etc.  Daily Need :-1gm /kg body weight  πŸ€  Carbohydrates :      Carbohydrates or fuel substances that required to produce quick energy. It is stored in liver and muscle as glycogen in the form of starch in plants.  Source :- Bread,  Potato,  Sugarcane,  Grapes,  Wheat,  Maize,  Lentils,  Cereal Products  Daily Need :-400-500g

Eating Rules and Habits

      Food is the most important thing for living beings. That’s why this is included in three basic pillars of life 1. Food 2. Air 3. Water       Nowadays we eat food but eating in hurry, Untimely and watching TV while eating etc. becomes our habit and due to this we fall easily ill.        So,  eating habits and rules are very much important for our health.       Mind and food have a very strange paradoxical relationship. So,  a good state of mind of a person is very much important while eating.      A perfect meal is that which is easily digestible, provides  nourishment to all tissues and does not create any diseases. So, take your time to enjoy your meals.   πŸ›  Eating Rule   Mainly remember this eight rules.   1) Natural quality of food ( e. g.  Heavy, light etc.)    2)  Processing of food   3) Combination of substances  4)  Quantity of food   5) Place where we eat  6) Time to consume food  7)  Rules of taking food ( e. g.  Do not laugh, talk, not consume fast etc.)   8)  The

Immunity Booster Remedies and Diet

      Immunity means the ability of an organism to resist a particular infection or toxin by the action of specific antibodies or sensitized white blood cells.       This immunity, however depends on antibacterial qualities not only of the blood,  but also on that of tissues, the intracellular fluids, lymph and so for the defense comes into play in the order of tissues  Lymphatic system,  blood stream  and finally Reticuloendothelial system.        Immunity also varies according to Age, Stress and in every individual.  πŸŒŸ  Types of Immunity    Immunity is mainly of two types.  1)  a.  Innate.       b. Adaptive   2)  c.  Active.        d. Passive  1) a)    Innate (Natural)  Immunity  :          Everyone is born with innate (Natural)  Immunity.  b)    Adaptive Immunity :        This type of immunity is develops throughout our lives, e. g.  When we are exposed to some disease our body immunized against that disease. 2)  c)  Active Immunity :        This type of immunity developed when

Care of every skin type

       Everyone is beautiful the way they are. whether they are black or white, here we only explain that how to take care of our skin.        Because itchy skin, Acne, Roughness are all one type of diseases, therefore care should be taken to prevent these diseases.         Everyone's skin type is different. someone's skin is oily or someone skin is dry and sometimes it's changes according to season. •   Dry skin   -   Dry skin is Scaly, Rough or Flaky.     -  Wash your face with gentle cleanser that doesn't have alcohol or fragrances because those ingredients make your skin dry. Gently wash your skin.     -  If possible don't use too much hot water For washing because hot water remove natural oil from Face faster don't wash your face and Bath too much.      -  Moisturize your skin properly , either use self oil massage daily before bath that helps moisturizing your skin. for moisturizing you can use Petroleum jelly or Honey.     -  Don’t wear make up to bed

"Stress" - way to feel free from physical and emotional stress

       Stress is a normal human reaction that happens to everyone.when someone experience changes or challenges (stressors )his or her body produces physical, mental responses that’s stress.     Stress responses helps our body adjust to New situations. stress can be positive or negative .     For example if someone has an important test coming up, a stress response might help their body work harder and stay awake longer. This way stress keeping us alert and ready to avoid danger.    But stress become a problem when it’s last longer and start affecting to our health There are two types of stress.  1) Acute stress      It helps you manage dangerous situation. It also occurs when someone do something new or exciting.   2) Chronic stress       That lasts for week or months. if someone didn't find the way to manage stress, it may lead to health problems. This leads to unhealthy behavior of a person like over eating or less eating, Drinking too much of Alcohol, more shopping, smoking, u